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E-Commerce Warehouse Boom Leading to More Jobs

A boom in e-retailer warehouses in select locations across the country has led to more jobs and better employment rates in those areas. E-commerce has been embraced by virtually everyone these days and it is basically a way of life for millennials.


Having goods and services delivered to your doorstep is what many have come to expect, and this demand has driven high-competition in the e-retail world. That competition has led to warehouse space in prime locations throughout the United States being bought up and utilized by e-commerce companies such as Amazon, which recently opened a new fulfillment center warehouse in NJ, CA, GA, FL, and several other locations in order to better serve its distribution and delivery needs.


In order to meet the growing demand for items purchased on the internet, e-commerce companies such as Amazon are snatching up warehouses and industrial buildings left and right so that they can be as close to the customer base they serve as possible.


These companies are looking for warehouse locations near densely populated areas because that is where the majority of their sales will be delivered. By getting closer to these areas, delivery times, and therefore delivery costs, will be reduced and the company will be more profitable.


These large e-commerce retailers are not only fighting for space in these densely populated areas near highways, waterways, and their target market, they also are in need of an appropriately sized workforce to fill the employment opportunities presented at these industrial buildings.


What savvy e-commerce retailers are learning quickly is that it’s not just about having the warehouse space with the right physical dimensions to fit their needs. The fact is that it’s more important to operate a warehouse that is in the right location and has quick access to transportation, as well as an ample employee base.

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